Sifnos is a mountainous island and thus contributes in its own way the beauty of the Cycladic landscape, Kamares village is the harbor.
The island is considered to be the island of Apollo. One needs to know Sifnos and discover its beauties, it is ideal for sightseeing. The architectural forms of Sifnos is simple and in harmony with the needs and aesthetics of the landscape. The houses are whitewashed, cobbled alleys and whitewashed and decorated with flowers on the edges.
The yards of the houses in Sifnos are all white and feature stone benches, stone seats and among them the picturesque white churches with blue domes like the color of sky and sea and the beautiful bell towers. In Sifnos we will walk in the alleys, enjoy the sunshine to swim in the crystal clear beaches.
The soil in Sifnos is a little mountain and olives thrive here and for this reason it is full of olive trees, in Sifnos the highest hill of the island Prophet Elias has a height of 680 meters. The other hills are lower. He has two small streams in Livada and Erkeies. In all of this contributes to the beauty and the sea, forming bays and coves on the coast in Sifnos.
The island has an excellent climate, which has been admired by the travelers of the past centuries. The summer is very sunny and the winter is mild. In the summer cools the atmosphere by the wind. Here are no hotels in sifnos, apartments in sifnos, travel agencies in Sifnos Sifnos restaurants, cafe in Sifnos car rentals Sifnos.
The soil of the island offers several crystalline marbles to macrocrystals. And other rocks. Iron and manganese ores appear today mainly at Agios Sostis, St. Silvester, Vorini, Kapsalo and Polonia. The minerals of the island were known from antiquity. In the tour, the visitor encounters in Sifnos groves of junipers, oleanders and tamarisks and the bottom colonies of the known marine plant Posidonia (poseidonia oceanica), protected by European legislation.
The island is a good passage for migratory birds as the ortolan (oriolus oriolus), the bee-eater, the turtledove and many aquatic birds. Certainly in Sifnos there are birds which come in Sifnos and summer remain and these include the kokkinokefalas the ornithochelidono, the Swift and others. In addition there are birds of prey such as the peregrine falcon, the hobbies, the Falcon and others. The viper is an animal protected in Sifnos.



Sifnos is the Cyclades important commercial center from the early 17th century. At the time this appears in Sifnos a dynamic personality Vassilis Logothetis, who affects and elevates the political, religious and spiritual course of the island. Fosters economic progress in Sifnos and finances the construction of the monastery of Panagia Vrissiani. In 1686 the church of Jerusalem grants the dependency of the Holy Sepulchre in Sifnos which are currently the two churches of St. John the Baptist and Martyr Stefan in Castle.



Sifnos Island to which Apollo gave generously the divine light and maybe this contributed to the spiritual development. Sifnos respect the traditions, manners and customs. One of the main occupations of the inhabitants is fishing. Most people involved in the tourism business. Also angioplasty due to the many clay deposits was true source of survival and wealth of the inhabitants of the island, so you do not reach an economic impasse. Sifnos showed excellent writers, folklore scientists, journalists, Greek chef of the 20th century O Nicholas Tselementes (1878 - 2nd March 1958) His family came from the village Exambela Sifnos, educators and jurists as well as architects. The buildings on the island show the foresight of residents.



Photos of Sifnos photos Sifnos villages and beach photos. Sifnos is a Cycladic island with beautiful beaches the capital of the island stands tall with its white house’s stand out. Photos of sights of the island. The contact of visitors to the island will start from the port Kamares which today is the main port to serve traffic island. Despite the many tourists, the vagina Arches remains beautiful with clear waters, suitable for fishing and even for swimming. Photos of hotels, restaurants, Pictures with beautiful sunsets.


About Sifnos

The island belongs to the complex of West Cyclades in the Aegean Sea and is located between Serifos, Sifnos, Kimolos and Antiparos. The whole island has everything the visitor facilities for accommodation, rest and entertainment. For honeymoon, for wedding Kythnos. The coast reaches about 70 km and has beautiful bays and coves. For lovers of hiking the traditional pathways of the island. The island of Nikos Tselementes known chef has delicious traditional dishes worth trying during your visit to the island. The chickpea soup, finikia (melomakarona) avgokalamara( diples), chickpea, kapari salad, Loli (sweet of red pumpkin) manoura (yellow cheese), and rice pudding and Sifnian nougat.

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