Artemonas is located north of Apollonia and within a one and half kilometer. It is one of the most beautiful and scenic spots of the island. The area is decorated with neoclassical mansions, gardens and flower gardens.

The view of the island from here is impressive. The viewer can gaze the surrounding islands, the Castle, the central settlements, even Kamares. Also we are very close to supermarkets and restaurants and cafes.

The cobbled alleys of Artemonas offer the visitor relaxing walks. In such a beautiful alley built rooms of "Floras rooms". Surrounded by a lush garden with lemon trees, flowers and vegetables, modern and comfortable rooms cover all the needs of the traveler.

From the balconies the view is fantastic as it spreads your look and reaches the sea.


Studios for 4 persons also have all the necessary facilities for a pleasant stay!

Our rooms are equipped with:

- Fully equipped kitchen
- fridge
- air conditioning
- TV
- free internet
- Private balcony or terrace overlooking our beautiful garden

The cleanliness and service will remain an unforgettable experience!

Our pleasure to welcome you to our rooms


Flora the rooms are located in the "heart" of the island near the village of Artemonas near the buses and Apollonia.

We are very close to supermarkets and restaurants and cafes.

From the port located: 5 km. From Apollonia are: 1.3 km