The current residents of Sifnos keep faith with the customs inherited, like most islands local events are connected with religious worship place. The festivals in Sifnos are on the eve of the day of the feast of St. Throughout the year a certain family of so-called «panigirades» keeps the image of the saint at home and during the festival finance the expenses of the celebration and the festival. Is the procession of the image in the main streets of the island, after the litany panigirades cite some lunch for the world attended the procession? Traditional food served at the feast that is the chickpea soup together with meat and wine followed by feasting on local traditional music.

Most important festivals in Sifnos is the Virgin of the Mountain on March 24, the Prophet Elijah in High and Troullaki Prophet Elias on July 19, Saint Panteleimon Herronissos on July 26, Saint John on August 28, Saint John the Stylite 31 August, the Archangel on September 5, St. Savior on the September 6, Panagia on September 7, Agios Nikitas on September 15, Saint Galati on November 5, the Virgin of the Mountain on November 21 and Ascension Island where all the participating.

Sifnian scholar and folklorist Ant. Troullos describes our beautiful custom associated with the dance called "Dance of the Sun - North Wind". In the religious context of the time when people had the need to placate the gods and the elements. This dance propitiate the wind. On the last Sunday of Carnival in the courtyard of the church and dragged the priest first dance while following the other masked.

The residents of Sifnos are cheerful and people with kindness and maintain traditions and traditional cooking. Sifnos are revelers and gourmands and by extension good cooks. Nicholas Tselementes (1878 - 2nd March 1958) was a Greek chef of the 20th century. His family came from the village Exambela of Sifnos. Born and raised in Athens, where he finished high school. It is no coincidence that the chef Nikolaos Tselementes came from Sifnos and specifically the village Exambela. Famous dishes and pastries are patties, almond baked, the delights and nougat with sesame.

The island does not lack in agricultural production. Main products of Sifnos are oil, olives, wine, almonds, honey, citrus and others. Few Sifnos deals with livestock, mainly sheep and cattle. Of them have great production delicious cheeses, cream cheese and cream cheese. Unsurprisingly Sifnos has developed and fisheries. Another occupation of the inhabitants of Sifnos is mainly basketry and straw hats.

Strong economic factor for Sifnos tourism increasingly increases. Especially in summer, swamped by thousands of people, that longs to taste its beauties. Here are no hotels in Sifnos rooms Sifnos, travel agencies in Sifnos Sifnos restaurants, cafe in Sifnos car rentals Sifnos. Most people involved in tourist enterprises and increasingly invest in improvement of services provided to visitors their services. There are several hotels and many apartments and made great effort to improve the road network. Not received at this point to mention the pottery prominently in Sifnos economy. There were materials as raw materials, so the 19th century and early 20th had flourished the art of pottery. It is said that there are 365 churches, as many as the days of a year.