The island, allows you to combine your holidays with walks to discover step by step the history, tradition, culture and nature of the island Sifnos. Sifnos is the ideal island for walkers. The hikers have the opportunity to follow many alternative routes. Get the shops on the island map paths and start exploring or ask travel agencies of the island to take part in organized walking trips made! We recommend it.

Faithful and religious traditions, festivals in Sifnos made at least once a year in most churches and monasteries of Sifnos. These are church services after the end of vespers eat together, the famous Sifnos chickpea soup, olives, meat with potatoes or pasta and plenty of wine of the island.

Sifnos tradition of ceramic art continues by local’s potters as old and there are many picturesque pottery workshops where one can get acquainted and enchanted by the ritual art of the wheel!

In Sifnos you have the opportunity to stroll in monasteries and swim in nice beaches with clear water. Most of these are suitable for water sports. Excursion with your boat or the boat you can combine with fishing.

SIFNOS. To Chrissopigi and the Cross of Light (the stavro of farou) will be impressed by the richness of the deep! The fish found here are sterile, bass, snappers, capons, and groupers.

SIFNOS. In the south of the island is the island Kitriani. The seabed there is a lot of caves, holes, plates and abstentions that host many fish like breams, lychees, groupers etc.

On the western side of the island stand Vathi that the seabed is sandy hand, gathers not many fish and the bay Vroulidia located above the Kamares. There you will find breams, snappers, mullet, Skaros and many other fish.

Water sports are not lacking from Sifnos, if you like diving or want to live new experiences, the seabed of your Sifnos waits! According to the lovers of underwater activities is for the most beautiful bottoms of Greece. Discover the magical underwater world and discover the unique beauties of Sifnos.